New Year and I would love…

New Year and I would love…

Before I start let me just say Happy New Year my SWEET darlings.

It’s 2020 and I’m back again with my drama.

New Year is always associated with new resolutions and things you want to achieve in the year. We can be certain that most people have new year goals of getting serious with their excercise plans, but how many will go through with it? I’m not even calling anyone out because I’m the “most people”. This year I’m manifesting consistency in my gym life. Let’s get it!

YES I support this

It’s also a new decade. WOW!

Actually, thinking about it, a decade is 10 years right? So we start counting from 1-10 and then do that all over again. You would think that the new decade should start from 2021. Well I guess not, because I actually researched this and somehow the previous decade started from like 2009 — 2019. Anyways that is whatever!

To be honest, I didn’t feel the vibe or have the right energy entering into 2020. My new year only started picking up from the 2nd week of the year and is still picking up if I may say. The energy and positivity seen from those around me and even on social media towards this new year and decade has been amazing. I’m definitely holding onto the proclamation that this will really be a STRESS-FREE YEAR! And I will FLOURISH!

Main thing is that this year, I want to be intentional about my decisions in making and sharing memories, just continual growth if you get me. I’m going to be more realistic and hold myself accountable. That being said, I tend to get caught up with life and just get extremely busy so in regards to posting, expect 1-2 blog posts every month.

Love Love Love

Yes that’s what we are talking about this time. I’m not singing this love word because of what you think, nope it’s not because of a man. I want to share a few random things that in this decade, I would love love love to experience, tryout or achieve. Please note that some of this might seem very silly to you, but allow me, your girl is just dreaming. If I forget anything, I will randomly be updating the list so be alert.

Let’s begin in no particular order:

I would want to learn how to DJ – Seriously this is something I was screaming about a lot towards last year and I can proudly say that in my journey to being more intentional, I have found a software to learn. Its’ going slow but we move.

Become a Fashion Blogger/ Influencer – Not really this title but just post more pictures on Instagram. Because why not? I love shopping! and most of the time I really look like a full complete MEAL!

Be a fitness enthusiast – Caution I did not write “a fitness coach”. Just being more aware of what I’m eating and informed of the healthier options out there.

Own and Open a restaurant – I’m thinking of a multipurpose restaurant, obviously with food along with displays of the culture and richness in Africa. I also like food so much so might as well.

Acting – This won’t be bad at all. With no experience, I can proudly say I have been actively searching for Netflix castings periodically. When I get big, I won’t forget you all *kisses*

I really really want a podcast (I talk a lot so might as well). But I’m thinking about what I would talk about. Let me know what suggestions y’all have?

Be more active in listening to podcasts – Just finished catching up on doinglifewithchavnel and currently listening to I said what I said. I really want to expand my podcast options any suggestions?

Yes a YouTube Channel – Same dilemma as the podcast. Not sure what kind of content I will put on there. Pondering about ideas and I thought it would be great to focus on my family members – individually. Trust me, there is no way you won’t enjoy it, they are very interesting and special people. 

Walk on a Catwalk – This just popped into my mind as I was writing this post. But when this happens, it can either go this way or that 

Travel of course – Solo travelling, Group Travelling, everything niceee. I want to go to DISNEYLAND. I’m actually not a huge cartoon fan but I want to be a child for sometime just living my best sweet baby girl life. I also want to attend the Olympics – can’t even dream that far of participating but  just watching live will be really cool.

Attend several owambe (Nigerian Party) – The key word is several. This is a MUST! Ohh the amount of food, MALT and dancing!

Volunteer/Work at a Radio Station or as a host – I know I will be one of those people giving several shoutouts every minute on the radio. 

Go for a Beyonce’s concert – Most embarrassing thing to say, but I haven’t seen my other mom perform live, so that’s definitely something I want to do this year. Let me just slip it in that I also don’t mind being a backup dancer.

Journaling every single day – I didn’t start this on time but since the first day I started, I can say that my consistency hasn’t been too bad.

Wawu! That’s a lot, well this is all that I could presently think of and I’m sure it’s definitely not everything. I must have missed out a few serious stuff but with all I have written do we share similar aspirations? What fantasies do you have? Actually, I should start with how did you celebrate the new year? Better still how has 2020 been? 

Till next time and again Thank you Thank you for following this blog. I’m really looking forward to all your comments and love. This year is definitely going to be awesome!

Luke‬ ‭16:10 
“Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with large things. Whoever is dishonest in little things will be dishonest in large things too”
“4¾” Months “21” Weeks “149” Days

“4¾” Months “21” Weeks “149” Days

You are probably wondering “Ahann Deedee what is this countdown for now?” Hmmm where do I even start?  

If you remember, in my last post, I shared my graduation preparation story and experience with you guys. So after graduation, the next thing every single person has asked is “what’s next?”. Someone can not just enjoy life without stressing about the next thing, bruh! Anyways the countdown is exactly how many months, weeks and days since I jumped into the phase of…

Yes funemployment might just be the word to use but it’s more like your girl is jobless! 

As you read this you might either be cracking up right now or feeling sorry for me but as I type this, trust me, I’m laughing. I know the countdown makes it seem like, “Ohh DeeDee have you really been marking your calendar?” Well not quite, I just needed an interesting title for this post so I decided to count loool. Please do not be alarmed, I’m not worried, sad or hopeless my dear! I occasionally have weird things (tears) running down my face but I just thought that this would be a really cool way to present this new phase of my life. Job search! 

To be honest the whole process hasn’t been easy but I’m really learning a lot from people, my mistakes and everything in general. The transition from having midterms and writing school papers to constantly tweaking resumes and cover letters happened so fast. Like way too fast and I didn’t feel I was really prepared with the necessary information when I initially started the process. I’m sure some of you can probably relate to this, however, the more you apply, the better you get!

Till date, I have been blessed with the opportunity to interview for a lot of good companies, but guess what has come of it ?

Is that still a good thing? Yes! I won’t say I’m necessarily overjoyed. It’s been a rocky process but on the plus side I’m consistently practicing and getting better for the next one. 

Also I have the motto that in this life you can’t come and kill yourself. So why worry, when my Daddy has already said ” You cannot add anytime to your life by worrying about it – Matthew 6:27

So “Don’t worry – I am with you. Don’t be afraid – I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. I will support you with my right hand that brings victory- Isaiah 41:10” 

YESSSSS victoryyyy, success,

and everything nice!

I remember the time a recruiter scheduled my first phone call with me, I was very excited. Hmm extremely ready to kill it! A little overstressed but not about anything major. Until the moment my aunt shocked me with the question, “Deedee, you know this is an interview right?”. Ghen ghen! Of course not. 


Bruhh from that point on this was me 👉🏽  

I knowww what were you expecting sisss?? I actually don’t know. Maybe just maybe they wanted to hear my voice you know.

All the while, I had been stressing about silly things like, how was I going to sound? Will the network service go off? and many other what-ifs. Yeah, silly right? Please try not to judge me, I didn’t know 😂. Friends, the main lesson here is to always be prepared because intro calls are actually a huge deciding factor for hiring managers towards the next step. 

You might just be amazed about the things I thought of and the numerous preconceived notions that I had about this job search of a thing.  So let me surprise you again. I always thought that the intro call was the end, like the sign that the interview process had finished. Then … 

BOOM my job offer letter in my email.

Boy oh boy was I in for a huge shock. Okay maybe not 12 seconds but you get what I mean 🙃. Lmao from my experience, I learnt that it doesn’t work like that oh! Most companies have 3-4 stages which includes in-person interviews and even case studies. In this job search thing, you will have to learn by force by force. 

Back to that first intro call, I got to the last stage of the process but didn’t get the job (which is technically a good thing but at the time I didn’t think so). Everyone keeps saying that it will get easier as time goes on, however, earlier on in the process, that didn’t apply to me. I found it incredibly hard to stay positive but still pushed through. I eventually developed a coping mechanism of being mean to myself and making cruel jokes about my situation. I pushed people away and started singl-ing myself out like I was the first person to look for a job. Over time, the jokes stopped being a coping mechanism and slowly became more of my downfall. At times when I made it through to the in person interview which is a big deal, I struggled and still struggle with a lot of things like my identity.

I am presently in Toronto, Canada so most times when I’m heading to my interview I have to pass through Union station. With the number of times I have been to this station, my feeling or experience just doesn’t get any better. I always feel a little claustrophobic and get disgusted real quick. Coming or going, my journey is always the same feeling.

Awkward, because I feel like I’m dressed professionally like all the other people but do not feel like I belong in their “group”. 

On most days, I will be walking beside people and just start imagining their bank accounts… “hmm that lady is probably a millionaire”, “this guy looks like he runs a lot of companies”, “Ohh he looks like a walking bank” etc well hopefully, they are not gauging me too, because LOOL. Other times, I just feel like I should just stop people and hand out my resume 😂. But seriously, most times I feel like I should just be at home. 

Anyways, as usual, I leave the interview feeling like the employer and I are on the same page. Bear in mind when I’m more settled I even start planning my first day of work outfit 😉 Before the interview and sending in my application, I sometimes diligently take time out, sit down, calculate the dollars and also as far as creating a long list of things I’m going to spend the money on. This one you can’t even judge because I know for sure almost everyone does this! 

After getting home from an interview, I know that the process isn’t over. For sure, for sure, I still have to face “post – interview review” with my family. I can always trust them to ask about every single thing (the FOMO feeling). 

Then I get the email for the hiring manager:

Yes that email!

Hello DeeDee,

We appreciate your interest at company xyzzz. Unfortunately…

In the beginning, to be honest, it was easier to brush off like okayyyy. 

Thank you, NEXT!   

Then I transitioned into it being more like but WHYYYYYY followed with tears.

This cycle of applying and getting rejected or getting intro calls, interviews then getting rejected continued. I spent a lot of time, effort and energy applying for jobs and most times they were just met with rejection or no response. It was and is still really hard.

I started associating it with my value and who I am. It was incredibly hard to stay positive, at times I found myself randomly crying. I believe I was just slowly slipping into depression, I just became secluded from everyone and always made a conscious decision to ignore and avoid people. It’s like the devil was really trying to keep me by myself to deal with me but I was saved and I’m still being saved. The positive affirmations from my loved ones made no difference. I remember a particular affirmation I received after every negative news from my aunt was “Don’t mind them DeeDee, they don’t know how lucky they would have been to have you”. I actually used to brush it off, it then it slowly started to sink in and I started to believe that more each day. 

I have decided to always see the good in everything, consciously making the decision to be grateful and find joy in whatever situation it maybe. I have actually fallen away from this, Did I just recently have a breakdown? Yes, YES I did. However I restart the whole process again, the effort and intention is what really matters. I realised that basically, I’m running my own marathon! You notice how I didn’t say sprint or race but marathon which is very important.

Now going through all this, I will be sharing what I have learned so far in a separate blog post so you don’t start this journey like I did. The job search process can be tricky, and I know that it is very easy for someone to get lost in everything and even lose themselves. But always remember to stay true to yourself! 

Anyways after all this long story I’m still job searching, the rejections and everything is still there but this time I’m really trying not to be so hard on myself. Shout out (another one 😂) to my family and friends for the constant support and motivation. To all students, recent graduates, job hunters and those working.

Finally, if you have a job for me or just want to talk to me, I can accept both or either one. Feel free to leave a comment on this post, follow me on social media or fill out my contact form. I would love to hear from you!

That will be all for now. Till next time xoxo sweet girl 😉

Watch out for my next post! 

Matthew 8:26 
“You should not be so afraid. You should trust me more than you do!”

$282,562.23 later 💸

$282,562.23 later 💸

Mood for the Past 4 Years ☝🏽

Well maybe not my mood but my parents’. I mean shout out to the true MVPs love you, Papa and Mama 🥰🥰

So yeah I graduated, YAY! Just talking about university and my experience will be both nauseating and nostalgic so we’ll keep that topic for a separate blog post. However, I remember a few weeks before my graduation I was stressing; like your girl was stresssssssssssinggggg (the emphasis is really not enough). I can’t even imagine how people feel when planning for a big phase in their lives like a wedding or lifetime type of commitment. I mean, after all this, I will definitely be prepared for that no doubt.

I had nothing to wear and no plans on what to do with my hair. I already had a very sad experience with ordering from Pretty Little Things, like the dress was actually going to look good on me, but my ability to order the correct size always works out better in my mind than in reality. Plus I had expected that maybe by mistake the model’s body will arrive with the clothes. Don’t we all expect that lol!

To properly describe how the whole graduation process went down let’s adopt the famous Youtube video introduction that will probably do justice to this explanation. 

*Making my intro* Well hello there and welcome to storyyyyy timeeee with DeeDee…

I was away in Kingston some weeks before the main day, so I had to trust my family members for outfit choice, matching and sizing. Was I wrong for trusting them? We will see 😭 Here are screenshots of the ideas I sent over which I found interesting from Zara

Getting my vision across to them was such a tough process. I just wanted to look like a babe that I really am, on the big day. That being said, if you know me or not, I can be very dramatic and when I’m stressed out my emotions are heightened. So during the time, this was really my behaviour.

But in all honesty I was surprised, my mum and aunt really showed up for me and picked a good match and the whole outfit came to life. They exceeded my expectations!

Meanwhile, as I was leaving my fate into their hands, I had to take care of what I could so getting my nails done was the next priority since everything else was falling into place.  

I showed up on everyone like Powwwww!

The day was getting closer and the hair itself wasn’t sorted out yet, so trust me I started that same previous behavior of just being a drama queen. Luckily, my friend Cassie took control of the hair situation and fixed me up real good. I spent the night and early morning trying to curl this hair of mine. I really struggled! But honestly, when in doubt remember YouTube and those around you for support 😂

THE D-DAY: Time to get ready and my makeup was just acting up. You know those times when you really need to look sweet but everything from the foundation base to the finishing spray wasn’t working out. I was looking and ready to go out like this.

Nothing was blending right you know.

Actually, maybe if I had practiced my makeup earlier I won’t have been struggling. I just had to manage and accept my situation and move on. You will probably notice I have no selfies to share with you all. Yes! if you still don’t understand the state of that makeup, hmm, sweetie it was bad.

Then being a true Nigerian I was just running on Nigerian time. I was going to be late late for my graduation, what a wow! I don’t fully remember the details of everything because my brain just shut down at some point. All I heard from my family was run run runnnnn!

So yes I obeyed and ran into the hall with heels in my hands. The day had been so off, when it was time to walk on the stage my nerves started, I was literally shaking. To add coal to this flaming fire, the year before I had attended my friends graduation and someone fell face down on the stage. Everyone then gave that awkward we gotcha clap. I felt so bad for the lady, I wasn’t about to give everyone Tales-of-the-Heel-Misfortune Part 2. So when names were called people were dabbing, screaming and whatever they desired, but I gave a very uncomfortable smile and moved on real quick.

After it ended, I got to see my favs and took pictures. I’m a very picky person so I wasn’t fully pleased with how all the pictures turned out. However, I appreciate the photographers because I know it was definitely not easy for everyone. Btw these pictures haven’t been put up on Instagram and probably might not be (Okay maybe a few) but here you go. You are welcome 🙂

The process of taking picture kept going on and on and on. Well, till today I don’t think I had enough, but a few of my family members were really over the whole process and just wanted to leave. I felt I needed to hang on longer to what started out as a demanding process, but ended up being a really rewarding moment. The atmosphere of graduation is totally different; everyone is happy and proud of this huge accomplishment in your life. People that don’t even know you are sending continuous congratulations your way which is just amazing!

Overall it was an awesome experience and journey for me. I’m grateful and I give all the glory and praise to God. I’m interested in knowing how smooth or maybe hectic your graduation preparation was? If you are still in school, please make a checklist based on my experience and you will definitely be fine.

Thank you for all the love on the last post. I was too excited and appreciate every single person 🥰

Feel free to keep up with me, you can either leave a comment on this post, follow me on social media or fill out my contact form. I always love hearing and connecting with you guys!

P.S: I asked 2 years ago in this post for your birthdays, wow how time flies. Well It’s my birthday today so leave a comment telling me when yours is.

Sweet Girl signing out 💗

Psalms 33: 4
“For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything he does.”

Re – Introduction

Re – Introduction

Hello! Hey! Hi! Welcomeeee

Yes, I’m back I’m backkkk *screaming*. I know people (especially my mum) have been shouting “Hmm DeeDee that your blog what’s happening?”. Lmao, this is it! Something is happening! My first post in forever so please no more tears I’m here.

Well if it’s your first time on this blog from the title you probably already know my name is DeeDee. You are welcome! and thank you for spending your valuable time reading this.

If you read my About Me that was posted 2 years ago (wow time goes by really fast right!) I would say get ready for a new person. The person who initially started the blog and the person writing this now are two totally different people, trust me I would know. But nowwwww I’m back and so much better 💃🏼💃🏼

The past few months and years of my life have been amazing, crazy and also tasking! I have gone from being a student to graduating to house hunting then entering this fellowship program and now job search bruh.

So this time I’m redefining the purpose of this blog. Throughout my journey, I have experienced both good and bad things due to God’s blessings or just my mistakes. Therefore this blog will be an accumulation of my interests, experiences, fun things, random stuff and maybe serious lessons that I want to share with you. This will also be a confidence booster for me cause I tend to second guess myself a lot ( which is very unhealthy). But if this is the same thing I said previously about the idea behind the blog then I guess not much has changed. Please allow me 😂

Random pictures of me looking hella fine and sweeeet 🥰. We thank God!


Now that is out of the way. I’m excited for the next post because I know what it’s going to be about. It’s an exciting chapter so i can’t wait to share it with you all.

But before I end this, how are you doing? What’s happening in your life!!! How has the past few months been?? I really want to know. So here are the options : you can either leave a comment on this post, follow me on social media and slide into my DMs 😉 or contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Matthew 5:14
“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden”
Dessert Night in “Demetres” 👅

Dessert Night in “Demetres” 👅

On a calm Friday night in a post-birthday celebration for my roommate, we decided to indulge ourselves in the high-quality taste of delicious desserts from no other place than Demetres. We entered the restaurant literally looking like this picture on the menu and we were so eager to get our orders taken.


Seyi and I both ordered different things however it wasn’t a problem deciding on what dessert to have as we knew exactly what we wanted. We both settled on customizing our own dessert. I got the Waffles with the Belgian Milk Chocolate sauce and chocolate buttons, Oreo Cookie Pieces with Whipped cream and Vanilla Ice cream.


Seyi, on the other hand, got the Crepes with Nutella sauce, brownies, Chocolate Ice cream and Whipped cream.


All the goodies came right on time! The layout of the building was colorful and so very pretty. The staff members were extra friendly and prompt with their work while the presentation of the food was clean and quite organized. Hmm the taste you already know amazinggggg!



Bill Bill Bill


The bill for both meals was approximately 34 dollars. So the next time you’re at Square One in Mississauga Ontario, walk into Demetres they are open from Sunday-Thursday 2PM-11PM Friday-Saturday 2PM-12AM and have a dessert maybe??




Birthday Princess 💗

I will definitely recommend this to anyone who has a sweet tooth, it’s a 9/10 rating from me. Let me know if you have been to Demetres before and what you had there. Any dessert place recommendations too?

Nehemiah 8:10
“Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the lord is your strength”


This whole week my roommates and I were craving our native meal from back home, Nigeria. Out of the various delicacies we have, we decided to satisfy our cravings with the famous Pounded Yam and Efo Riro Soup. This meal wasn’t difficult to prepare and took approximately 60mins.

Efo Riro Soup

Ingredients: no 1

Part 1


Chop all listed ingredients. Use a blender to achieve a smooth consistency. Pour mixture into a pot and boil it to drain the excess fluid.

Part 2

  • 1 cup of palm oil
  • 2 Tablespoon of grounded crayfish
  • Parboiled meat (Goat meat or beef and/or chicken)
  • 1 medium-sized Stock Fish “Panla”
  • Seasoning cubes, Crushed
  • Salt to taste
  • 3 packs of chopped fresh/frozen spinach or 1 large bunch of Kale leaves

If using fresh spinach/kale, place the spinach/kale in a bowl, add ½ teaspoon of salt, cover with boiling water and place a lid over the bowl. Allow it to rest for 15-20mins.  Rinse out the spinach/kale and squeeze out all excess water.


  • Place a large pot over medium heat, add in the palm oil. Heat oil until a little smoky.
  • Add in the blended paste from part 1 and the leftover ingredients in part 2 apart from the spinach/kale.  Cover and leave to simmer for 20-25 minutes (The palm oil will float to the top when the sauce is ready).
  • Add in the spinach/kale. Taste and adjust seasoning, leave to simmer for another 3- 5 more minutes.

Final Ero

The Efo Riro soup was paired with a pounded yam mix and a chilled glass of orange crush. A definite 10/10! I would recommend this meal to anyone. Next cooking session will be another soup which can also be paired with the pounded yam.
Do stay tuned!

Since this is a delicacy in my country, do you have any soups from your country that I could try?


Romans 8:14
“Those who are led by God’s Spirit are God’s children”


The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives!

The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives!


In my first blog post, I mentioned a book which I had started reading. By the title of this post, you already know it’s The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives ☺️.  Have you ever had that one book that you start reading and you just can’t drop it to begin actual work?  Yeahh that’s exactly what this book was for me.


Lola Shoneyin’s The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives is a novel that can truly capture one’s mind. Not only is it an interesting read but it also covers a broad spectrum of issues such as Feminism, Rape, Masculinity and Women Empowerment in the act of Submission.  As the story unfolds in the setting of a polygamous family each character has distinguishing features that make them interesting.

Among the various issues, Women Empowerment will be my focus as it was an underlining theme I noticed in every single chapter I read. The main character Baba Segi believes that he is in control of the household and runs things but in reality, the “control” is in the hands of the women. The wives give him the false impression of power so their regular routines don’t get interrupted.


Even though I am really excited about this book, I don’t want to give out any spoilers. However, I would say that I believe that reasons behind peoples actions are actually influenced by either their upbringing or past experiences. Certain behaviors and conducts displayed by the wives in their home reflected this fact ranging from their treatment to one another and their husband Baba Segi.



I don’t need to go into further details to tell you how worth reading this novel is. Do grab your copy and tell me about your feedback!


If you have any other novels you think I will also find interesting please tell me in the comment section so I can check it out. Till next time 🎀


Proverbs 19:8
“The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper”


A Night Out At The Keg ✨

A Night Out At The Keg ✨

In an attempt to live it up for the busy Halloween weekend and post-birthday celebration, a couple of my friends and I decided to treat our pallets to the expensive taste of Steak- and what better place to do so than The Keg 


We started off the night with a flavorsome keg-size of Jacob’s Creek Moscato Wine. It had an amazing bubbly undertone to the mouth with the appearance of the wine being clear and a soft aroma to it.


Our starter was a tasty meal of Escargot which was stuffed with mushroom caps, garlic, and herbs. 


For the main meal, I decided to have something quite different other than steak.  I tried the Pistachio Crusted Salmon which was accompanied with garlic mashed potato, bacon sautéed Brussels sprouts, and maple butter. However, I asked for the garlic mashed potato to be substituted with regular fries because the simple girl in me just decided to come out again lol! For steak, my friends had the Tender New York striploin: The King of steaks which were cooked to medium as per request with a side of french fries.

The Keg is a great place for a casual get together and a quick night out with friends. My meal was actually a waiter’s suggestion so I wasn’t fully aware of the Pistachio on the salmon and this kind of put me off a little from the meal regardless the salmon had an amazing flavor to it. In general, the vibes gotten from the restaurant was chilled and casual- 8/10 would recommend. If you are in a mood for high dining vibes without the pressure definitely try this place out and tell me about your experiences.
 If you have any other restaurants you will also recommend please leave a comment. Thank you 🌸


1 Corinthians 10:31
“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”