New Year and I would love…

Before I start let me just say Happy New Year my SWEET darlings.

It’s 2020 and I’m back again with my drama.

New Year is always associated with new resolutions and things you want to achieve in the year. We can be certain that most people have new year goals of getting serious with their excercise plans, but how many will go through with it? I’m not even calling anyone out because I’m the “most people”. This year I’m manifesting consistency in my gym life. Let’s get it!

YES I support this

It’s also a new decade. WOW!

Actually, thinking about it, a decade is 10 years right? So we start counting from 1-10 and then do that all over again. You would think that the new decade should start from 2021. Well I guess not, because I actually researched this and somehow the previous decade started from like 2009 — 2019. Anyways that is whatever!

To be honest, I didn’t feel the vibe or have the right energy entering into 2020. My new year only started picking up from the 2nd week of the year and is still picking up if I may say. The energy and positivity seen from those around me and even on social media towards this new year and decade has been amazing. I’m definitely holding onto the proclamation that this will really be a STRESS-FREE YEAR! And I will FLOURISH!

Main thing is that this year, I want to be intentional about my decisions in making and sharing memories, just continual growth if you get me. I’m going to be more realistic and hold myself accountable. That being said, I tend to get caught up with life and just get extremely busy so in regards to posting, expect 1-2 blog posts every month.

Love Love Love

Yes that’s what we are talking about this time. I’m not singing this love word because of what you think, nope it’s not because of a man. I want to share a few random things that in this decade, I would love love love to experience, tryout or achieve. Please note that some of this might seem very silly to you, but allow me, your girl is just dreaming. If I forget anything, I will randomly be updating the list so be alert.

Let’s begin in no particular order:

I would want to learn how to DJ – Seriously this is something I was screaming about a lot towards last year and I can proudly say that in my journey to being more intentional, I have found a software to learn. Its’ going slow but we move.

Become a Fashion Blogger/ Influencer – Not really this title but just post more pictures on Instagram. Because why not? I love shopping! and most of the time I really look like a full complete MEAL!

Be a fitness enthusiast – Caution I did not write “a fitness coach”. Just being more aware of what I’m eating and informed of the healthier options out there.

Own and Open a restaurant – I’m thinking of a multipurpose restaurant, obviously with food along with displays of the culture and richness in Africa. I also like food so much so might as well.

Acting – This won’t be bad at all. With no experience, I can proudly say I have been actively searching for Netflix castings periodically. When I get big, I won’t forget you all *kisses*

I really really want a podcast (I talk a lot so might as well). But I’m thinking about what I would talk about. Let me know what suggestions y’all have?

Be more active in listening to podcasts – Just finished catching up on doinglifewithchavnel and currently listening to I said what I said. I really want to expand my podcast options any suggestions?

Yes a YouTube Channel – Same dilemma as the podcast. Not sure what kind of content I will put on there. Pondering about ideas and I thought it would be great to focus on my family members – individually. Trust me, there is no way you won’t enjoy it, they are very interesting and special people. 

Walk on a Catwalk – This just popped into my mind as I was writing this post. But when this happens, it can either go this way or that 

Travel of course – Solo travelling, Group Travelling, everything niceee. I want to go to DISNEYLAND. I’m actually not a huge cartoon fan but I want to be a child for sometime just living my best sweet baby girl life. I also want to attend the Olympics – can’t even dream that far of participating but  just watching live will be really cool.

Attend several owambe (Nigerian Party) – The key word is several. This is a MUST! Ohh the amount of food, MALT and dancing!

Volunteer/Work at a Radio Station or as a host – I know I will be one of those people giving several shoutouts every minute on the radio. 

Go for a Beyonce’s concert – Most embarrassing thing to say, but I haven’t seen my other mom perform live, so that’s definitely something I want to do this year. Let me just slip it in that I also don’t mind being a backup dancer.

Journaling every single day – I didn’t start this on time but since the first day I started, I can say that my consistency hasn’t been too bad.

Wawu! That’s a lot, well this is all that I could presently think of and I’m sure it’s definitely not everything. I must have missed out a few serious stuff but with all I have written do we share similar aspirations? What fantasies do you have? Actually, I should start with how did you celebrate the new year? Better still how has 2020 been? 

Till next time and again Thank you Thank you for following this blog. I’m really looking forward to all your comments and love. This year is definitely going to be awesome!

Luke‬ ‭16:10 
“Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with large things. Whoever is dishonest in little things will be dishonest in large things too”


  1. Peace Amike
    February 1, 2020 / 11:48 am

    Does Mama NK know that Beyonce is your mum?
    Can’t wait to see you do your catwalk though!!!!

    • February 4, 2020 / 11:38 am

      Yes Yes Yes 😂😂
      Coming to you soon on your big screen 😉

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